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Your Craft as a Business
Course Date: Friday 26th May 2017
Category: Business
Price: £80


This course will help you unlock your potential as an artist and/or crafter in order to earn money and develop your career potential. We will explore what you want to achieve from your career, how to market and sell your work, including traditional techniques and an introduction to digital marketing, and will work on maximising your confidence and presentation style.

Further Detail

During the morning session, we will introduce ourselves and show and discuss two pieces of work. Then using a spectrum approach and case studies we will explore the art of the possible in terms of making money from your craft – learning how to move along the spectrum from being a hobbyist to a commercial venture. You will decide where you want to get to and we will spend the rest of the day planning how to get you there. We will undertake a range of sessions: Understanding your customer and your marketplace; Selling and marketing your work including digital marketing techniques; Confidence and presentation style. In the final session of the day, we will prepare a personal action plan for you to take away to get you started on your new career.

Skills/Techniques Covered

How to prepare a business plan for launching your craft including how to prepare a sales and marketing plan

You will learn how to get to know your customer and your marketplace

Traditional and digital marketing techniques

Improving presentation style and personal confidence

How other crafters and artists have developed their own work into a business


Suitable for all levels


You will not need any materials as the tutor will provide everything you need.

  • The items you will need to bring with you are listed below:
    • two pieces of your own art or craft work to show and discuss with the group and the tutor

Please bring with you:

A notebook, pen and reading glasses if you wear them 

A camera or phone for taking pictures and / or video clips

Two pieces of your work as explained above


We advise that you do not buy any materials required for a course more than two weeks in advance, because occasionally a course is cancelled due to low enrolment.

Tutor Profile

Yvonne Sonsino is a Director of Ardington School of Crafts Ltd and a Partner in the consulting firm, Mercer, where she leads a team who work on designing and developing new products and solutions.

She has Masters Degrees in Psychology and Business Research, and is the author of Amazon best-selling book ‘The New Rules of Living Longer – how to survive your longer life’. The book explores how art and creativity are good for mental and physical health, how careers will span up to eighty years for future generations and how to make the most of them, and how to ensure financial wellness given that we are living longer. There is a particular focus on women’s financial wellness in the book. She has appeared on TV and radio with her work at Mercer, and loves to paint, draw, linocut and carve in her spare time.

Timings & Refreshments

Coffee is available from 9.45am. The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4.30pm. Complimentary fresh ground coffee and a range of teas are provided all day, along with biscuits in the morning, a sandwich lunch and cake in the afternoon. SPECIAL DIETS - Lunch: We can cater for vegetarians. If you have other special dietary needs/preferences, please bring your own sandwiches. Teatime: If you would like gluten/dairy free cake, just let us know when you arrive.